Every experience at Harvey Dental has been great. Recently got the NTI for my problems of clenching my teeth at night. What a difference! I no longer wake up with jaw pain and headaches. I even find a sleep better in general. 
Best investment ever! 

Barb K.


I would like to share an experience on a dental procedure I had at Harvey Dental. In June of 2013, I had a six year upper molar extracted. It was decided the best treatment would be a mini dental implant. After a few months of healing in the area of extraction, Dr. Harvey started implant procedures. The prep work was never uncomfortable, much easier than a crown prep. In December of 2013 my implant was completed. Everything healed properly with no side effects. I've had my implant for about a month. It feels perfectly natural and is totally comfortable. After having this big hole in my mouth, it is wonderful to be able to eat and chew normally. A big thank you to everyone at Harvey Dental for their excellent care. I strongly recommend the mini dental implant. I would not hesitate to have it done again if necessary!

Sandy Jaber


My name is Dawn Simonson.  I have gone over 12 years without a back molar...Dr. Harvey told me about the mini-implant.  I went for it.  It was quick and painless and would recommend this option to anyone that is missing a tooth.

Dawn Simonson


My experience with Dr. Harvey's mini implants was great.  The time frame to have this done was half the time of a regular implant.  I had no pain what so ever and the job was done professionally.  Also the cost was less than half the cost of a regular implant.

Gary Klug


I can chew again; my treatment plan on a 1-10 scale is a 12.  Great work.  Wow, Wow, perfect, no pain at all.  I can't believe it

Tony Danielczyk

Tooth Repair

We had only been in Waupaca a short time when my husband chipped a molar and needed the tooth repaired.  We selected Dr. Harvey based on his ads and his dental background.  We were IMPRESSED!  We have had many dentists over the years but I can say he is by far the best dentist ever.  No pain, he does what he has explained and he listens to you.  The saddest day is that we have moved to Minocqua so we can no longer go to Dr. Harvey.  We hope we can find a dentist that measures up.

Patti Bella

Crowns and NTI

Dr. Harvey’s suggestions for high quality crowns and the NTI device have greatly improved my dental health, which is so important to overall health. I really like his approach of near-term and longer-term dental planning for the patient. Thank you, Dr. Harvey.

Allen Fischer


I have suffered from severe headaches for years due to clenching my jaw while I sleep. My jaw muscles and neck muscles were always sore. After getting the NTI, I noticed a difference the first day. The headaches decreased immediately. My jaw and neck muscle pain has also improved. I can now chew food without my jaw tightening up and getting a headache. I no longer have to worry about my back teeth breaking apart. I have tried other braces and none have given me the relief like NTI. I am so glad I have this wonderful product. I can finally wake up without a headache.

Jeanne Gehrke


I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for helping me with my dental problems. This was a big obstacle in my life and you helped me out. It says a lot, Dr. Harvey. Thank you. As for the girls, they were always super nice to me and I really appreciate them. Keep doing what you’re doing. You make American prettier every day.

Rick Anderson

Root Canal Therapy

Here at Harvey Dental I felt welcomed, cared about and the compassion was (is) indescribable. Dr. Harvey and his team of total professionals were kind, patient, sincere, and cared about how I felt every step of the way. I had a root canal, and wow… it was not what I expected. If there was a perfect experience, this was it.

Lesa Rother

Six Month Smiles Testimonial







"Thanks to Dr. Harvey’s expertise and Six Month Smile Braces my teeth were transformed from ugly and crooked to beautiful and straight. When treatment ended and the braces came off it was unbelievable to see how great my teeth looked.

Now when I play with my grandchildren and smile really big I won’t be worried about that smile being captured on camera. My entire experience with Dr. Harvey and his staff was wonderful. Everyone was professional, friendly and supportive.

Thank you Dr. Harvey, Debbie and Karen. Because of you my dream became a reality."


Lesley Donnelly

Root Canal & Sedation Testimonial

"He must be a miracle dentist. I had sedation and never experienced any pain or discomfort during or after the treatment. I am a total chicken when it comes to dentistry and it’s amazing to go through this type of procedure and have no pain."


Pat Quillen


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